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Frequently asked questions

What is Soft Washing? and why is it beneficial to my property?

The term soft washing refers to a cleaning method that is exactly how it sounds. By professionally applying the correct cleaning and disinfecting detergents we can wash your roof or home with with the pressure from a garden hose! The industry standard for cleaning and maintaining your properties curb appeal is soft washing, why? The reason soft washing has become so popular with the leading cleaning contractors throughout the world is that it offers a deep clean without the risk of irreversible damage to the sensitive materials that protect your home or building. Have you ever seen a "roof cleaner" blasting away a roof surface with their pressure washer (and by blasting away we literally mean blasting away the protective granules and the lifespan of that roof) only to see algae regrowth within the year? Not only will pressure washing void your shingles warranty in some cases it can as well void parts of your home insurance all while not removing the spores that are causing the issue in the first place! Soft washing is the answer to this, by completely irradicating the organic growth that is damaging your roof without using damaging high pressure! Learn more on our roof cleaning page. We also apply the principles of soft washing to exterior siding. The protective siding on your home or business is designed to keep moisture and rain out, the typical design is to shed water from the top down and can not withstand high pressure water application from the lower side. When this happens water is forced in behind the siding and can lead to further very costly repairs. With the correct application of a soft washing technique we can apply our cleaning detergents to kill organic growth on the surface and break the bond of dirt and other buildups essentially lifting them to the surface where they can be gently rinsed away. To learn more about why soft washing achieves a deeper and longer lasting clean for your home and business please visit our house washing page.

Why is exterior cleaning and maintenance important?

Everyone loves that fresh and clean look to their business and home, but what are some of the other advantages to keeping your property sparkling? - Water and wind damage can result in costly repairs to your roof. Lack of maintenance of your roof or gutters may impact your ability to obtain affordable home or property insurance. Debris-free gutters help safeguard against water ending up inside your walls and ceiling; a roof in good repair, free of moss or algae will assist in reducing the risk of loss from wind or rain storms. -Though your insurance company is there to help you with many unexpected or accidental losses, the maintenance and upkeep of your home or business property is your responsibility. Whether it be your deck and fencing, or the exterior maintenance of your home, keeping your property in good repair for your enjoyment and the safety of others who visit your home or business, will help prevent small issues from becoming large problems. - Keep your warranties. Did you know that most ashpalt shingle warranties will be void if there is algae staining or moss present. - Pride of ownership. We have all been there in the Vancouver area, you just cant keep up with the algae and moss growing everywhere and you just dont know where to start. Well leave it to us, our cleaning solutions will kill the algae and moss growing on your property leaving you with a sparkling clean home to be proud of! Leave the green for landscape!

Do you offer interior cleaning services?

* Interior Window cleaning has been temporarily suspended due the the Covid-19 Pandemic* Yes! We do offer interior window cleaning as well sanitizing and disinfecting services. Lyonridge offers interior window cleaning for both commercial and residential customers. Our technicians carefully use a traditional method of mop and squeegee to clean your interior windows. You can even carry on with your day at home as planned and we will work around you and your family! In light of the recent pandemic Lyonridge Property Services has added interior disifecting and sanitizing to our service list. This service is available to both commercial and residential customers, to learn more please visit our Disifecting and Sanitizing page or see our listing with a National directory of sanitizing contractors.

What is the Lyon's Pride Maintenance Plan?

Lyonridge Property Services now offers a subscription to a maintenance plan to your home, this service is brand new to 2020. At Lyonridge we recognized the fact that most people are far too busy to keep up with the maintenance of their property, or they just don't even know where to begin. In turn some simple things can be missed such as gutter cleaning until you are remided when they are over flowing during a heavy rain storm. So what exactly is the Lyon's Pride Maintenance Plan? The plan includes three tiers of service plans that are paid either monthly or quaterly. The Gleam Plan - The gleam plan keeps your windows gleaming and crystal clear all year! This plan includes three window cleaning services. The first in the spring includes both interior and exterior, followed by two more exterior window cleanings in the summer and early fall. Starts at $29 / Month The Gleam and Clean Plan - The gleam and clean plan offers peace of mind for the basic needs of your homes maintenance. This plan includes the same window cleaning service avaialble in The Clean Plan and includes a mess free gutter cleaning service in the fall. Starts at $41.50 / Month (Value savings over $70!) The Pride Plan - Our Pride plan is the easiest, worry free maintenance plan in the lower mainland! This plan includes the benefits of the Gleam and Clean Plan however adds a soft wash exterior house washing to the mainteance plan! It is the ultimate way to keep your house looking fresh and clean all year, every year! Starts at $65 / Month (Value savings over $115!)

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“Richard did a fantastic job washing the exterior of our house and patio, he also cleaned the gutters & sidewalks and washed all the windows...seriously they shine! He went above and beyond and did an excellent job from start to finish! Highly recommend!” 

—  Tracey, Surrey


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